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For Goodness Cake: Where art meets sugar!

Our cake studio specializes in crafting modern, elegant cakes with intricate handmade details.

From 3D/carved designs to cakes resembling animals or objects,

we turn your sweet dreams into delicious reality!


Indulge Your Senses: Explore our extensive cake portfolio showcasing the artistry of For Goodness Cake. From awe-inspiring 3D and structured cakes, to charming characters, birthdays, weddings, and unforgettable milestone moments. Feast your eyes on a symphony of sweet creations that tell stories in every

delightful layer. 


About Us

We are Jennifer & Scott Harris

"It all started with love...and a Kitchenaid."

Meet Scott and Jennifer, partners in love for 15 sweet years. Scott, the engineer and airbrush artist, joins forces with Jennifer, the cake and fondant queen; creating a symphony of flavor and artistry since 2016. Together, they turn celebrations into sweet memories.


Sweetening the Community: At For Goodness Cake, giving back is ingrained in our mission. Proudly supporting Jacksonville, we collaborate with charity partners, donating our time and cake talents to craft stunning centerpieces for annual Galas and Giving Campaigns. We love making a difference, one delectable masterpiece at a time!

We are thrilled to introduce cake classes! Dive into the world of fondant, ganache, and airbrush techniques with our comprehensive video tutorials. Learn at your own pace, replay videos as many times as you need, and engage directly with Jennifer and Scott to ask questions and enhance your skills.



"Teaching isn't just about imparting knowledge; it's about inspiring and igniting a passion for cake art"


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